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  • Anti-theft beach bag for women, comfortable, spacious and SAFE that you can leave under an umbrella or in any other place at risk, without having to worry while taking a walk or while swimming in the sea;
  • MATERIAL: Jute (inside waterproof material)
  • COLOR: Ocher yellow
  • DIMENSIONS: 42x35x15 cm
  • FRONT: - Turquoise colored fabric pocket with zip closure 32x28 cm
  • - BDS logo in nickel gold - combination lock to secure the objects inside the pocket: Money, i-pad, i-hairdryer, etc.
  • Rope handles
  • Natural rope shoulder strap; inside is inserted a steel core of one millimeter deterrent to cutting;
  • The shoulder strap is equipped with a buckle with a THEFT DETERRENT combination mechanism to hook the bag to any safety point;
  • The pocket can be closed with a nice combination lock; its interior is equipped with a plastic sheet deterrent to cutting against pickpockets
  • Inside the bag there is a plastic core deterrent to cutting to avoid intrusion of pickpockets with cutters etc .; always inside the bag but on the sides, there is a nice keyring hook to avoid wasting time searching for these in the middle of the other stuff.
  • Polished gold nickel accessories;


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